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2000-09-06 08:48:12Peacerich PeacerichsonLas Vegas, US of A, Peoples Republic of China

Hey dude!

Homepage: http://gogogirl.va/pl.exe?stripgirlscript+makesson

2000-04-24 20:05:32Stormshadow calling BluesmanGra´canica, Kosovo
Incoming transmission

Antman calling Bluesman over! Really nice site Marcus, I finally got time to look at your homepage.

2000-03-05 13:52:56Gwynthe PaltrowRockerfella, USA
Gitarrs and love, that else

I find your site, very atrractive for my eyes, and I hope that you are as attractive as your site. See ya´

2000-01-21 14:04:00Torbjörn EngJönköping, Sweden

I think you have done a very good site, but I have a question, where’s the beautiful women. In other words, you have done a good job with this site.

Homepage: http://urk.bla

1999-12-28 15:23:03Nadine ChanzFlaggstaff, Arizona, U.S.A

I really like this site.

1999-12-15 14:09:14Hatim KapasiJönköping, Sweden
Something is missing...

Hi Mackan Nice site, but something is missing. You know what ;-)

1999-12-04 14:53:21Bluesman HimselfNassjo, Sweden
First Entry

This is the first guest book entry in this guest book.

Homepage: http://www.bluesman.nu

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