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This page contains some material from own applications. All applications, which are developed For Companies and For Use At Home, are developed in Microsoft Access and it will only be represented in Swedish (applications made within Active Server Pages will be represented in both Swedish and English).
Applications for Companies
This page contains a complete presentation of applications that I've developed for Companies in Sweden. To get access to these pages you have to Register A User. If you're a registered user you only have to LOG IN. The presentation is represented in Swedish (not in English yet) and applied for companies all around Sweden.
List ASP Applications
This page contains some sample applications created within Active Server Pages such as Hitcounter, Guest Book, Shopping Cart, Log In Script and hopefully some more samples by the time goes by. Some changes on this part will take part the nearst month.
View Web Projects
At this place there is some descriptions of some web projects that I have been involved in the last years.
This is the part that I get the chance to present applications that I've developed for use at home. This project started about 3 years ago when I was looking for a good solution to store my records and my video films in a database. Luckily I find it in Microsoft Access. So after three hard years of developing it will be soon on sale (hopefully, you never know). For the moment there are only a version in Swedish that are almost finished. A presentation is coming soon (has been delayed. to much to do to finish it, Sorry).