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Do you like the Rock, Rhythm and Blues sound so stay here a while.

M Akesson / When the bluesman rocks
This is my first demo-release ever. Were recorded and mixed back in July of 1999. This demo were released in September of 1999 and printed in 100 copies. To be honest the remix sounds much better than this one, but if you like to buy a copy anyway there is nothing stopping you. At the middle of August 2000 were 58 copies of this demo-release sold.

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M Akesson / When the bluesman rocks (remix)
This demo-release is a remix of my first release. To observe that this release only contains the five first songs from the first release and the first four songs has been remixed. And this remix took place between February and April of year 2000. To be released only as Promotion Edition in the end June of 2000 and so it did. If there is somebody who likes to buy this unique record instead, let me know.

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The next record are planed to be released later this year or next the beginning of next year (this time in 500 copies).
With the following title: Keep on rockin while the blues is taking you down
and so on......