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Anouk / Together Alone
This is the debut album from the Dutch singer Anouk (as you already know). Listen to it with enjoyable ears my friends.
Doro / Angels Never Cry
This is absolutely the best solo album from the former lead-singer of Warlock, Doro Pesch. Produced by the magnificent combination of Jack Ponti and Vic Pepe. The lastest releases for Doro is "Love Me In Black", "Calling the Wild" and another great album "Fight".

For all the years this lady has been in hardrock business you can say she is "the Heavy Metal Queen" of all times.
Lee Aaron / Some Girls Do
This is the best album from the Canadian Metal Queen, Lee Aaron. Now this lady knows how to rock too. Mostly of her songs on this album are co-written with guitarist John Albani (a perfect combination).
Lita Ford / Dangerous Curves
This is the best album from the metal queen herself, Lita Ford.
Shania Twain / Come On Over
What a woman and what a voice. That's all I can say.
Sheryl Crow / The Globe Sessions
Shall I repeat myself or not. Oh, by the way I say it again what a women and the rest you already know. This also the best album from Sheryl Crow this far (or should I say all of then).
The Tuesdays / The Tuesdays
I got only one thing to add about this female rock group.
Vixen / Tangerine
This is a great comeback from Vixen after a long break. Janet Gardner and Roxy Petrucci are the two members remaining in the original band and now joins up with the new guitarist Gina Stile.

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