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FENDER STRATOCASTER MEXICO 60's Click for larger image
Now this is a real beauty with a great sound. This is one of the best Mexican-made Fender Stratocaster ever made (I believe so) and that's one good reason why I bought this guitar. To get the best sound of this guitar I use the original set up of strings from Fender and in other words that means Fender Super Bullets (009 to 042). I just love to play on this guitar.
WASHBURN (ACOUSTIC) Click for larger image
There are many great manufacturers for acoustic guitars and Washburn is one of them. It's easy to play and it has a great sound. This is also the first sixth string acoustic guitar I've ever bought (back in 1992) and also the only one I own for moment. Another thing about this guitar is that the women like the sound of this guitar very much!
SAMICK (12th STRING ACOUSTIC) Click for larger image
This is the one and only twelve-string acoustic guitar in my collection. The disadvantage with a twelve-string guitar is the tuning, it take some time you know. Sounds great by the way though I don't play on this guitar much (some special moments when there are a lot of women around, maybe).
FAME HONDO Click for larger image
This is the first guitar I've ever bought (back in 1991). That is why I kept it so far. I couldn't afford any more expensive guitar back then. So now I'm going to keep this guitar forever (it brings back some good old memories, you now).
PEAVEY STUDIO PRO 112 Click for larger image
I don't why but I have always liked the sound of the guitar amps from Peavey. I owned a little guitar amp from Fender (this amp is sold) before I bought this one back in 1995.
ROCKTRON TABOO ARTIST Click for larger image
If you're looking for a floor preamp with effects for your electric guitar I can guarantee that you'll be satisfied with this preamp from Rocktron. The Taboo Artist is very easy to manage and with the choice of 252 different effects makes it almost unbeatable. All I can say to you is if you don't have it get it. I invested in this beauty thing back in 1998.
YAMAHA RBX260 Click for larger image
As a guitarist just must have at last one bass. I made the choice to invest in a Yamaha RBX260 back in 2001.
FENDER SHOWMASTER QMT HH Click for larger image
New invested guitar from Fender, Showmaster Tobacco Sunburst QMT HH.
Takamine EF341SCB Click for larger image
Also this black beauty is a new investment for 2007. This acoustic guitar from Takamine is the Japanese manufactured version of the same model used by Bruce Springsteen and many more.
This lovely lady were found in New York at the Guitar Center on Manhattan in mars this year (2008), so I'd to bring her home to Sweden. This guitar is manufactured in 2007 with the S-1 button and has the aged cherry sunburst.

All pictures taken by Markus Akesson, Copyright 1999, 2007 and 2008