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The tales of the Bluesman

The beginning of this story takes place a long time ago. Let's put an end to this bullshit and get serious. At the age of 10 I began to play drums. At this age I didn't listen to any special genre of music. Three years later for some reason (which I don't know why even today) I gave up playing the drums. I guess the interest of music wasn't so big at that time.

So after a shot break (a couple of years more likely) from the music I began to listen to music that even influences me today. First up was Bon Jovi's "Wanted dead or alive". And after I have listen to bands like Whitesnake, Cinderella, Poison, Alice Cooper, Magnum and many more I finally found my genre of music. So at the age of 17 I decided to begin to play the guitar instead. And approximately a year later I bought my first guitar and short after that I began to take guitar lessons. The melodic hard rock has always been a great influence of my music and I mostly listen to it also, but over the last years the blues has been a great pleasure to play (The feeling of playing the Blues tells you everything).

So after playing the guitar for over 8 years now I finally had the time to finish my first demo release this summer (in the year of 1999, if don't have figured out that yet). And after I wasn't so satisfied with the mixing of my first demo-release I decided to make a remix of the record. So after hard work between February and April of 2000 the remix was finished in May the same year. And all I can say is that the remix sounds much better and I'm really satisfied this time. If you like to here some my music all you have to do is to follow this path or read more about them in the Discography part on this site.

Written by Markus Akesson
[picture comming soon]
(Sorry to keep the girls waiting)