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Now this page is dedicated to my biggest interest beside computers and programming. (Sorry, I forgot the girls too. Should I be honest with you, so would I say that Women are my "biggest" interest!) Let´s put it in other words, MUSIC!!!
Me And My Music
If you want to know a little bit of my musical background you can read almost all about it here if you want to (you don't have to). It's a kind of a reduced autobiography, so don't expect too much. If you don't have figured it out get so is the guitar my main instrument. And the terms of playing the guitar are ROCK, RHYTHM AND BLUES!!! Let's proceed With The Commission.
The Guitar Section
As a guitarist myself I had to put up something that looks more like a Guitar Gallery of some kind. So after taking some photos of my collection of guitars and peripheral equipment the result goes after the name The Guitar Section. So don't waste my valuable time, please Take Me There.
Enjoyable Records
For you music lovers out there I can present to you some enjoyable records. This alternative of the music page includes the finest and the best music records of my record collection. I got to tell you that it wasn't an easy choice to pick out these records. So if you're interested in my music taste I recommend to you to enter this page. So let it rock, let it roll take me there With Out Control.
This is the place for my own music and demo releases. You even get a chance to listen to some of my own material if you want to. I'm SO curious, let me see What You Got to offer. Hope you like the sound of the Bluesman!
See the tour dates
Where do I've the change to see the Bluesman play live on stage? Here are the dates for my upcoming tour.