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Here is a short description of some web projects that I have been involved in the last years (but I'm not quite sure how I got it, just joking with you a little there).

NOTE! I worked with mostly of these projects for quite a while ago now (approx 5 years), some of the sites are not existing anymore or has been changed. You know, time changes ;-).

Go to Buyitnow
This shopping site is built on my own e-solution concept. The folks at Mastaring in Nykoping Sweden have done all the web design, so I got to be the man behind the scenes. It should mean that all asp programming and creating the database is I responsible of, but not the design.

Has closed down after running almost in 8 months, but there is a chance to run a test version at my site.

Site is closed.
Go to Filmverkstan
I got involved in this web project because my sister needed some help with database connections to display all the films edited and produced at the Filmverkstan in Stockholm. So I am the man behind the entire asp programming and my sister has done the web design on this site. To see exactaly were I have done my ASP-programming, check the Arkiv menu.
Go to Mästarting
And here we have a co-operation, which has been going on for a while. In February nor Mars 2000 was the first time they showed interest, and back then it's a good old friend of my which got me involved in first project with them. At this time they needed some help with an easier product view on their homepage and the answer was ASP. To add one more the thing there was a map over Sweden with the retailer regions showed from the same database as the products. The web design did they work out buy themselves.

The second time they hired me was in case of the web shop-site Buyitnow, which is based on my own solution. Read more at Buyitnow.

And in the beginning of September 2001 were was a new look presented and guess who was chosen to work with the ASP-programming. Here we got a smaller form of as web shop-solution for the consumer and a web-shop site for the retailers. Both of these solutions are built on my own concept. And when we are talking about the web design so have they work out mostly of it buy themselves, but there are parts with I have constructed.

Site is closed.
Go to PK-Huset
My sister has done about 90 to 95 percent of the work on this website. I'm only involved in the e-mail function to get a newsletter (using ASP of course) and editing some of Java-Script used on the site. There's also a Newsletter-function added to this site, administrated by PK-Huset. Which I'd created too, to see it you've to register.

More to come, you'll never know.

This part of the site hasn't been updated for a very long time!!!